Sandrina Lindgren

built with Indexhibit

Inevitable (Fin: Väistämätön, Swe: Oundviklig)
2020, in a large attic space - Forum Marinum

Concept and direction: Ishmael Falke
Performers: over 300 objects and a few people
Scenography: Johanna Latvala
Sound design: Niklas Nybom
Light design: Jarkko Forsman
Creative technician, choreography: Sandrina Lindgren
Creative technician, physical performance: Janna Haavisto
Dramaturgy: Ville Kurki
Artistic consult: Sofia Molin
Graphic design: Jussi Virkkumaa
Marketing and communication: Pia Puustelli
Production: Grus Grus Teatteri

A giant domino chain constructed out of objects and furniture, built inside a 70m long attic space at the marine museum in Turku. Entirely built out of historical objects dating from 1920 until 2020 the chain reaction deals with the experience of history: Is it something that happens to us or is it something that we are part of creating?

The objects are given the full focus, with only a few anonymus human bodies being a part of the 30 min long chain reaction. resz.jpgäistäri asetelma 3 vaaka web.jpgäistäri Sandrina vaaka web.jpg