From the top of mount average

7.8.2019 On september the 29th my new performance Full Measures will premiere at Tehdas Teatteri in Turku. It is the most resent project by Livsmedlet, the ongoing creative collaboration between puppetry artist Ishmael Falke and me. Full measures is dealing with our society’s tendency to regard the measures as the truth. The project is a co-production between Grus Grus Theatre and Tehdas Teatteri. In the working group is also sound designer Niklas Nybom, lighting designer Jarkko Forsman, guest director Idit Herman, dramaturg Ville Kurki, visual artist Sarah Bazire and graphic designer Jussi Virkkumaa

5-months personal working grant

31.7.2019 Finlands central arts commission Taike has awarded me a grant for my artisic work during this autumn. During these months I will premiere the performance Full Measures, take part in the project Kärringsläkt (directed by Sofia Molin) as a choreographer and start a research for a new solo performance.

Working on the spiritual air line

10.6.2019 Since a few years already I am proud member of Grus Grus Theatre. Grus Grus is a bi-lingual theatre group (finnish and swedish) based in Turku. It is a nomadic theatre of brave artists who plays on the borders between various disciplines and who are making works for specific places and spaces. More information of Grus Grus can be found here:

Requiem for vacuum cleaning

8.3 2019 During the last three years I have explored household tasks and their relation to dance. The journey have taken me through movement explorations, house visits, pedagogic challenges, scenic expressions, domestic expressions, new meetings, old philosophies and valuable dialogues. To me the household work is most of all a clue in understanding what dance is and why we dance. And now, to mark the end of a long exciting process I turn my eyes to the stage backed up by a super team of household protocolers. Our show is featuring 4 dancers, 16 vacuum cleaners and a choir, it has it’s premiere at Barker -teatteri in Turku 26.4 2019.

The artist as a journalist

30.10 2018 It is interesting to me to see how an artist could reflect immediately on current events. And now during three unique performances I am excited to get the opportunity to explore that and the process of making news in the project Uutiset 2.0 (news 2.0). The project led and initiated by Ishmael Falke and carried out together with a group of puppeteer artists from Turku and Helsinki is produced by Grus Grus Theatre. The three shows are based on weekly fresh news and are performed three Wednesdays in a row in the cinema house, Finnkino, in Turku. During the performance period, passers by can observe the work of making the shows through the large vitrines at our news office space in central Turku.

A dance teacher full of crap

24.9 2018 This summer I took a few dance classes from my vacuum cleaner and decided to write about it. Read my text for Grus Grus Teatteri's blog here

Vacuum cleaners and bread baking

17.9 2018. During the previous months more household dancing has been done, partly thanks to a personal working grant awarded by Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus. The workshop "vacuum cleaner yoga" is available for ordering and a shorter introduction to vacuum cleaning and dance can be experienced through the pod "meditation with a vacuum cleaner". Through the same internet page it is possible to listen to the ambitious second pod episode "choreography for body and bread" that demands more time but brings you deep into the household dancing.

Invisible Lands wins prize

11.9 2018. Invisible Lands was awarded with the Directors Prize at Banialuka Festival of puppetry art in Bielsko-Biala in Poland. The tours of Invisible Lands continues in 2018 with Berger, Norway in October and St.Petersburg in Russia and various locations in France in November and December.

Household Dances with vacuum cleaners

Household Dance Protocol (HDP) is continuing during 2018 with a new task, vacuum cleaning. And during a two weeks recidency at Contemporary art space Kutomo we will research this action more close. The result will be presented during an open presentation on the 17th of March in Kutomo in Turku. Further HDP will during 2018 produce two more podcast episodes and offer installations and performances.

Invisible Lands on tour 2018

During 2018 and 2019 the performance Invisible Lands is touring to many new places. And soon we will release dates during 2018 for our performances in festivals in France, Poland, Slovenia, Norway, Germany, Russia and Sweden. Stay tuned..

The worlds first Household dance podcast released

The first podcast of the Household Dance Protocol is now online and deals with the difference in mindset between doing your everyday routine and dancing. Go to your kitchen and try it on! The pod is a collaboration with composer Antti Tolvi and parts of it can also be experienced in our Kitchen exploration during New Performance Turku Festival on the 7th of October. In November 2017 the following episode will be available that deals with bread baking.

Performing in Evangeliet enligt Lasarus

Ishmael Falke's and Sofia Molin's newly written swedish play Evangeliet enligt Lasarus had its premiere at the studio stage of Åbo Svenska Teater the 8th of September this year (2017). I played one of the two main characters in the story (and how much fun it is to be "just" a performer sometimes!). The show has received very nice reviews from amongst others Turun Sanomat.

Household Dance Protocol (HDP) is kicking off

A big thank you to Svenska Kulturfonden, Suomen Kultuurirahasto, Taike regional fund and Läntinen tanssin aluekeskus for their support in the project Household Dance Protocol. The HDP is a long term project investigating the potential of dance in household tasks. The project is carried through in collaboration with musician Antti Tolvi and will take its form in a number of workshops, installations and performances during the coming year. Our podcast radio series will release its first episode this September.

Invisible Lands meeting new lands

Invisible Lands is on the road! After visiting NuQ Treff in Estonia we are continuing to Mustan ja Valkoisen Teatterifestivaali in Imatra. And in the autumn Livsmedlet is continuing to perform Invisible Lands at Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionettes in Charleville, Nukketeatterin Näytteikkuna in Helsinki and TIP-fest showcase in Turku. For 2018 Livsmedlet is aiming at continuing to tour this show internationally and further visits to festivals are considered in this very moment..

Livsmedlet in international event in St.Petersburg

19/10 2016 Livsmedlet is invited to participate in this years edition of "Critical Mass", an initiative by the Creative Association of Curators, TOK, that aims to create an artistic exchange between international artists and Russian youth clubs. During our stay in St. Petersburg we will take part in a research about the potential of youth clubs and public spaces as well as creating a new work for the performance group Rain People, one of the youth clubs of the Petrogradsky district in St. Petersburg.
More info

The Shames make success

After five well filled performances in Barker Teatteri in Turku is The Olympic Shames - my spectacle and a performance for shame and failure, wrapped up for this time. We received a very positive review in Turun Sanomat that can be read HERE. It is a wonderful feeling to finally finnish this project that started by a short research period in Dansateliers in Rotterdam in 2013 under the name Pushing Paper. After three years and after moving to two new cities this project finally gave birth to a glorious celebration of shame!

The Olympic Shames are soon in Turku

17/8 2016 In October 2016 the performance The Olympic Shames will premiere at Barker-teatteri in Turku. Can shame be beautiful? we ask ourselves and in order to answer that question we take help from the ancient greek godess of shame, Aidos. More info

New community work for Triennial in Saaren Kartano

17/2 2016 During March and April 2016 Livsmedlet moves out to Saaren Kartano in order to create a work for a new community arts triennial. the show Shadow Cabinett, created under the theme "Vastaan-otto", is a walking tour inspired by the nightly shadows of the neighborhood. The show will be made in collaboration with local inhabitants of Mietoinen. Performances in Mietoinen by the end of April. More info

Livsmedlet in Africa

10/2 2016 Livsmedlet has, during 6 exiting weeks explored visual theater through dance and traditions in Benin in Africa. The trip that had the support of svenska kulturfonden, arts promotion centre Finland and African-Finnish Cultural Centre Villa Karo included among other things a workshops for school kids and meetings with local professionals.

Livsmedlet in Europe and Caribia

22/9 2015 TraFika is can be seen in October at the Czech Puppetry festival Spectaculo Interesse in Ostrava. For next year Livsmedlet has recieved an invitation for Bacanal del Titere de la Havana in Cuba, to perform their new piece Invisible Lands. Invisible Lands can also be seen this november in Rovaniemi in Finland as a part of the Viitus Festival.

Summer of Dead Ends

1/7 2015 Dead Ends, Livsmedlets popular street show where local history is told on traffic signs has opened the season with 18 well recieved shows at Oerol Festival in Holland. In August it is time for a swedish premiere with Dead Ends at Södermalm in Stockholm. Tickets for that can be retrieved from our crowdfundingcampaign!

Invisible Lands met with enthusiasm

1/5 2015 Livsmedlets performance Invisible Lands has finally premiered and was met with enthusiasm from both audience and press! While mixing puppetry and physical expression we have managed to find a stage language that awakens thoughts and question on an urgent subject. We received some of the most beautiful words written about performance in these two reviews.
Very proud!
Turun Sanomat and Extempore Kulttuuriblogit

Invisible Lands premiere

20/4 2015 A puppetry performance that takes you close to the skin into a story of the travels of refugees. Mixing physical and visual expression, Invisible Lands brings an uncomfortable but urgent subject into Tehdas Teatteri. Premiere 24/4 2015!

Residency at Kutomo

1/1 2015 The new dance performance duet Pushing Paper, based on questions of skills of movement, is in the making. This spring a new working process will take place at contemporary artspace Kutomo in Turku. More info coming soon..

Livsmedlet residency at Clipa Theatre

24/11 2014 Livsmedlet continues the creation of their new performance Invisible Lands with a residency at Clipa Theatre in Tel Aviv during december. During the spring 2015 the performance will find its final form to be premiered in April 2015.

Review of Nystet

12/11 2014
"Lindgren brings the maximum out of that one object animation: the creature escapes, collaborates and leads the performer."

Nystet, my children show, received a very nice review in Turun Sanomat after an appearance in TIP fest (Turku International Puppetry Festival). The whole text can be found (in Finnish) here.

Livsmedlet in England

6/9 2014. The urban animation team of Livsmedlet has just returned from a successful residence and performing period in Cumbria, England. Creating another unique Dead Ends show for the exceptional and very big, very professional street arts festival Mintfest. We are proud to be marked as one of the highligts of the festival and inspired by the history and the beauty of little Kendal and the Lake District.

Livsmedlet is exploring: Bodies as landscapes

15/8 2014. Amid cows, river and stimulating nettles in Vetlanda in southern Sweden, Livsmedlet spent an artist-in-residence period, converting our bodies into landscapes and sceneries that were inhabited by little figures. This marked a beginning of the work on Invisible lands, the new coming performance by LIVSMEDLET – to be premiéred in April 2015.

The call of the Swamp

8/5 2014. After successful performances of Dead Ends in Tromsø, Norway, Livsmedlet will now come to Varissuo (the crow swamp) in Turku. Join us for an Urban Animation Pop-up Centre 15th & 16th May, don’t miss our Open Street School 19th to 23rd of May and come to our new performances 5th to 7th of June. It’s all for free, but it will stay with you forever.

LIVSMEDLET duo goes Norway

1/1 2014. My collaboration with puppeteer Ishmael Falke has gotten its own idenity. Her name is LIVSMEDLET. Livsmedel means groceries or literally substances for life. Based in Turku and Stockholm, our crew of essential food for heart and thought is now invited to participate in Vårscenefest in Tromsø, Norway, where we will stay in a residence 17.4-4.5., creating and performing another Dead Ends.

Selected for One Nights Dance 2013! In september and october I will be starting a research for a new performance first to be shown as a part of One Nights Dance, at Dansatteliers in Rotterdam. Performances will take place in the middle of October.

Visual Theatre workshop based on methods from traFika
The workshop with the theme integrating visual symbols on stage is based on the rehearsal methods used for the performance traFika. Next workshop is to be held 31/5 and 1/6 2013 in Turku.
more info about the workshop and registration

traFika invited to Cuba! After visiting Nordic and Mediterranean cities the visual-theatre-road-trip-puppetry-dance-performance traFika has received an invitation from the Cuban Ministry of Culture to participate in the 15th International Theatre Festival of Havana, 27.10.-3.11.2013!

Dead Ends selected for the residency at Spoffin Street Arts Festival!
Dead Ends – the Art of Urban Animation was exclusively selected for the Spoffin street arts festival’s residency. The residence will be in Amersfoort, Netherlands, during the month of August. Dead Ends will perform 22.-25.8.2013.
Article on about the residency

traFika is selected for the touring program "Theater on tour" by TINFO Finland
Link: TINFO Finland: Theater on tour