Sandrina Lindgren

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Direction, light and sound: Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke
Storytellers, performers and puppetmakers: Salli Rastas, Marjatta Martelius, Sirpa Arola, Irmeli Raunio, Lahja Leppämaa, Veijo Orava, Seppo Orava, Markku Lemmetti, Arja Randell, Aila Martelius-Mäkelä, Paula Muurinen, Hannelle Kähkönen, Seija Mäkipää

Produced by the Triennial of the community arts, Koneen Säätiö, Saaren kartano and Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke

Commissioned for the festival Triennial of the community art RECEPTION 2016 - Yhteisötaiteen triennaali VASTAAN+OTTO 2016.

This project was created in collaboration with a group of ex-kareelians who's families where forced to escape from Karelia during the second world war. We met regularly during the cause of 2 months with the aim of making a shadow performance together. A central part of the working process was the collection of their stories and the translation of the stories into images and scenes. With this project taking place in the political climate of 2016 their stories where expanding the concept of being a refugee and resulted in dialogues regarding how refugees are met in society, then and now. The end of the project was marked with a public performance in the windows of an old book shop in the center of the village Mynämäki in Southwest Finland. Shot 2021-02-19 at 8_30_48 PM.png Shot 2021-02-19 at 8_29_33 PM.png Shot 2021-02-19 at 8_28_56 PM.png