Sandrina Lindgren

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Sällskapsresa - Hand in hand
2023, at Turku Kauppatori and at Tampere Finlayson area

Creation and performance: Sandrina Lindgren
Accordion: Toni Perttula
Dramaturgy: Iiris Syrjä
Dialogists: Janna Haavisto, Petri Tuominen
Producer: Fatima Amokrane
Pictures and performance documentation: Frans Rinne
Collaboration partners: Luckan Åbo, The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
Commissioned for Grus Grus Teatteri, Äkkilähdöt lähelle - Tur/retur

A walking performance where the participants hold each other's hands. A tour guide takes passengers on a trip during which they gets a unique but fun and quite safe chance to reflect around the act of holding hands. The memories it holds, its place in human history, its social conventions and poetics. A group trip both for those who love and for those who fear holding hands.

The performance was created for Grus Grus Teatteri in connection with the project Äkkilähdöt lähelle - Tur/retur and performed around the area of Turku kauppatori. Later the performance was brought to Tampere in collaboration with Täsmäteatteri and performed in the old Finlayson factory area.

The performance was made with the support by Grus Grus Teatteri, Svenska Kulturfonden, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygrèns stiftelse and Taiteen Edistämiskeskuksen Pirkanmaan rahasto

The performance series Äkkilähdöt lähelle - Tur/retur examines the idea of being a tourist in familiar surroundings.