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News 2.0 - Uutiset 2.0

Concept, Chief-in-Editor, Performer: Ishmael Falke
Journalist, Performer: Sandrina Lindgren
Journalist, Scenograf: Johanna Latvala
Journalist, Light Designer: Jarkko Forsman
Sound Designer: Kalle Terästö
Dramaturg: Ville Kurki
Guest journalists, Performers: Perrine Ferrafiat, Outi Sippola, Maija Westerholm
Guest experts: Yle chief of ethical standards Timo Huovinen, Member of Parliament Olli-Pekka Parviainen, Artificial Intelligence developer Ruksi Laine
Grafic Design: Wille Heino
Photos: Rewan Blackbor
Marketing: Heidi Kormano
Production: Grus Grus Teatteri

24.10.2018 Power of News
31.12.2018 Arms Trade
7.11.2018 Artificial Intelligence.

News 2.0 consisted of 3 shows whereas each show differed from the others not only in the actual news reported, but also in a different theme with its reportage and a guest expert. Each show was created by the whole working group on short notice and based on current news topics.

Taking place in the commercial Finnkino cinema hall in Turku, the theater performance News 2.0 demonstrated how theatre can not only investigate, edit and perform real news, but also question the very structure and motives of news making.

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