Household Dance Protocol / Hushållets Dansprotokoll

2017 -> ongoing project

Exploring the potential of everyday movements

Household Dance Protocol/ Hushållets Dansprotokoll/ Huushollin Tanssiprotokolla (HDP) is a project that investigates our relation to household work through dance and somatic- and physical movement methods. The project’s aim is to awaken a discussion about the household movement’s status in society and to offer a playground in which household tasks are creative movement rituals or pauses of physical and spiritual contemplation.

Between 2017 and 2019 HDP will offer different household workshops, podcasts, installations and performances.

HDP is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Varsinais-Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Läntinen Tanssin Aluekeskus and TOP säätiö and carried out in collaboration with Grus Grus Teatteri

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J. Virkkumaa, O. Leinovirtanen
Performance flyer: J. Virkkumaa, O. Leinovirtanen

illustration by Oona Leinovirtanen
Imagining a space for play: illustration by Oona Leinovirtanen

photo by Pia Bartsch
Live music: photo by Pia Bartsch

photo by Rewan Black Bor
Household dancing: photo by Rewan Black Bor

Choreographic research 

photo by Julius Työrylä
Interactive headphone installations: photo by Julius Työrylä

photo by Pia Bartsch
Dishes and dances workshop: photo by Pia Bartsch

photo by Pia Bartsch
Household Podcasts: photo by Pia Bartsch