Requiem for vacuum cleaning


Created as a part of the 3 year long research within Household Dance Procotocol. A performance that explores the meaning and ritual of vacuum cleaning. The performance was realized in the Barker theatre industrial hall and featured 4 performers, 8 amateur singers and 16 vacuum cleaners.

Grus Grus- and Barker Theaters current co-production has a comical dimension but is also a serious production that deals with our relationship to the movements of everyday life. (…) it turns our concepts of what is what and how inside out and upside down.
- Bianca Gräsbeck, Åbo Underrättelser

Concept: Sandrina Lindgren
Choreography: Sandrina Lindgren in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Antti Tolvi
Light: Jarkko Forsman
Costume: Pia Bartsch
Dramaturg: Ville Kurki
Illustration: Oona Leino
Graphic design and film: Jussi Virkkumaa
Choreographic advice: Riikka Kosola
Dance: Annastiina Saastamoinen, Ville Oinonen, Myrsky Rönkä, Linda Björkqvist
Kimito Electrolux Choir: Sami Siitojoki, Marja Launis, Elina Teerijoki, Alma Rajala, Seija-Leena Salo, Joonas Kankare, Saija Hairo, Tiina Vainio

Requiem for vacuum cleaning was a co-production between Grus Grus Teater and Barker Theater. Supported by Varsinais Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Prikanmaan Kultuurirahasto, Taike, Svenska Kulturfonden, The regional Dance Center in Western Finland and TOP Säätiö.