Invisible Lands

April 2015

Our bodies are our homes, the landscape of our lives. Private vulnerable places, to be protected and cherished. By using bodies as visceral, organic performance platforms, geography and politics are physically extended and emotionally transformed. The familiar becomes unknown, the intimate an open space.

In a unique meeting between puppetry, physicality, choreography and video projections we witness the chaos-filled journeys into exile of displaced people all trying to save their skins.

creation, performance: Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke
sound: Niklas Nybom
light: Jarkko Forsman

"Best of all is Invisible Lands (*****) by Finland’s Livsmedlet Theatre. (…) The pulses of the performers breathe life into the models as they queue at border crossings, flee helicopters and crowd on to boats. It’s masterfully done, the combination of physical effort and contrasting scale making the wordless tale devastatingly sad."
- The Guardian, in a review of Manipulate Festival 2019