My name is Sandrina Lindgren, I am born in Sweden and graduated from the modern dancers departement of the Amsterdam School of The Arts in 2010. I have also studied choreography at The School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam and theatre as intern at Clipa Visual Theatre in Tel Aviv.

I am currently working as a dancer and performer as well as theater maker and choreographer in Finland, Sweden and Holland. I have collaborated with artists within dance, film, visual arts and puppetry as I am moving in between the borders of visual theatre, physical theatre and dance. In 2012 I created the visual theatre duo Livsmedlet togther with puppeteer Ishmael Falke.

I use a wide spectrum of techniques and approaches in my work, and I am not afraid to move between genres. In the center of it all lies a love for the banal, silly, naive, instinctive and gutful in human nature.

-I like to shuffle around and disorganize physical associations
-I like to create worlds with their own logic
-I like explore reality as a body in motion

My main training techniques are: Contemporary Dance, Body Weather, Improvisation,
Body Mind Centering, Yoga, Games, Play and Bread Baking.