I am working as a dance artist, choreographer and theater maker. In my artistic work I am interested in understanding what the body is. I search for answers through investigating the body's relation to materials, objects and stories of our times. I am using influences from contemporary dance, puppetry, somatic movement, visual- and physical theatre, dance improvisation and bread baking.

In 2017 I launched the project Household Dance Protocol, an ongoing project that engages the audience to play in the realms between dance and household work.

I am working in the bilingual nomadic theatre group Grus Grus Theatre. And I am touring internationally as one half of the visual theater duo Livsmedlet, together with puppeteer Ishmael Falke.

I have a BA from the modern dance department of the Amsterdam School of The Arts from 2010. I have also studied choreography at The School For New Dance Development in Amsterdam and theater with Clipa Visual Theatre in Tel Aviv. I am born in Sweden and have lived abroad since 2006, first in Germany, then in the Netherlands and shortly in Israel. Since 2014 I live in Turku, Finland.